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General Information

Whilst not a full time dedicated wedding photographer, it is just a part of the work that I do, I think it is true to say, that the couples who contact me, are looking for something more than the average wedding photographer on St. Lucia can give. With my long expirience in many fields of photography, and publishing expirience I have a unique understanding of how to get the best possible images for you.

My style tends towards journalistic, that is to say, I try to catch the moment, not just of the ceremony but everything and everyone at the ceremony. I particularly try to catch the emotion of the event. I try to not to overly direct the shots. In fact during the ceremony I try to be as invisible as possible
Needless to say, I will still cover the standard shots including formal group shots as necessary & required.

Give some thought during your time on Saint Lucia, prior to the ceremony, to what kind of shots you would like, make a list if it helps. In particular for larger groups designate somebody who is familiar with all present (perhaps the Best Man) to organise the groups for the more formal shots, this saves time, as I unfortuately, do not usually have the opportunity to meet with you, your family & friends, prior to the ceremony. I am of course happy to meet with you, if you have time. Concider also having a day or part day "Trash the Dress" shoot with me, we could go to one of Saint Lucias many scenic places and have a lot of fun getting you some very memorable images.

I will be on site with ample time to get pre wedding shots if needed, see the "Packages & Pricing" for dtail of exactly what is included in the price.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with me I will do my very best to answer them.

You can see a .pdf copy of the standard contract HERE

Sample Animated Slideshow of Fiona & Karls wedding at the Pink House in Castries

Music By Saint Lucias singer, songwriter, saxsophonist Barbara Cadet


Wedding Albums & Animated SlideshowsWedding Albums

I am currently working with a local publisher to produce custom wedding albums. These will be in various sizes & both Hard & soft cover.
As soon as more detail and pricing is known I will put it up.

Animated Slideshows

Up to 300 images & about 10 mins. duration, in an engaging animated slideshow. Delivered on DVD in 16:9 ratio and put to music. If you have a particular sound track or tracks you wish to use, let me have them & I will incororate it. The video can also be embeded on your own web site if you wish. If by chance 10 min. is not enough I can double or triple up to get longer durations. US$50.00 for each (up to 10 min.) slideshow. The slideshows can also be enhanced with better titeling and so on for a small additional charge. (see below).

Sample animated slideshow of Linda & Andrews wedding at Crystals in Soufriere. This slideshow has had some more work applied to it showing some of the possabilities.

Packages & Prices

Basic Package:- US$400.00
Covers about 2 hrs, I do not worry if we run a few minuets over.
This is generally long enough to cover the normal hotel/civil service type wedding. However it will not cover a reception after the wedding. Nor will it cover weddings that take part in other parts of the island, for example Soufriere or Marigot, this is because of the time taken up by traveling to and from the location and the time taken to deliver the images. I normaly charge US$450.00 at these locations.
If you wish, the package also includes the hosting, on the web, of a slideshow of the wedding. This is great for friends and relatives to see how things went. The slideshow is normally posted within 24hrs and can be hidden from public view if you wish, I will give you a link to find it.
I shoot digital images, and will present them to you on DVD, on the disc you will find folders with Print (Full resolution) & Web sized (500pix) images. The web size are handy if you wish to e-mail shots of the wedding right away. I do not set a fixed number of shots for the shoot, however you may receive well in excess of 100 images and often over 200.

Wedding Album

Delux Package:- US$1550.00 to be determined by costing of album etc.
All of the above plus. Up to 8 hours on site, time enough to cover pre wedding shots and the reception.
An Animated Slideshow of approximately 10 min. duration on DVD, & set to music.
A 20 page soft bound wedding album.


Trash the Dress:- US$400.00 & up depening on location(s) & time required. Can be a complete tour of the island calling in at many of the most scenic & romantic spots on Saint Lucia.
This photo shoot, which can be before, or much more likely, after the wedding, & sometimes called a "Trash the Dress" shoot. is used to take full advantage of not having the pressure of taking photos at the actual ceremony. At the same time, of course, it will let us explore the full potential of Saint Lucias beautiful locations, such as, Marigot Bay, Soufriere & the Pitons, the various villages, waterfalls, botanic gardens and so on. This shoot is of course not just for wedding couples and honeymooners, if you would just like to have the opportunity to get images of yourselves in Saint Lucia then why not?

Additional Items:-

  • Additional time US$150.00 per hour.
  • Animated Slideshow US$100.00 (new)
  • Travel time US$50.00 per round trip.
  • 8" x 8" Wedding Album, 20 page soft bound. See Wedding Albums & Animated Slideshows.
  • 4" x 4" Minature copy for the family & friends. See Wedding Albums & Animated Slideshows.
  • Extra pages. See Wedding Albums & Animated Slideshows.
  • Hard Cover for wedding album. See Wedding Albums & Animated Slideshows.
  • Additional computer time for retouching and so on US$50.00 per hour.
  • Studio Lighting on site if possible US$100.00.
  • Additional copies of the disc US$5.00 per disk
  • Overseas weddings are US$2000.00 per day plus expences
  • If you have any special requirements then we can of course negotiate.

Hotel Policies

Hotel policies are constantly changing. We are currently going through a period of restriction by some hotels.

The Sandals & Wyndham group of hotels have stated that they will no longer allow independant photographers to work on their properties. If you, as a couple, are happy to accept whatever is offered by the hotel in the way of a wedding photographer, then this is not a problem.

However, if you feel that you have the right to make a choice then please let the hotel know this as forcefully as gets you, their customer, a satisfactory resolution.


It is also worth noting that most hotels charge as much or more for photographic services than independant photographers with years of experience. In some cases these hotel photographers will do as many as 5 weddings per day, I will only cover one, yours. In addition some hotels in Saint Lucia have recently started to charge photographers a fee to come on property to shoot a wedding, this charge would also have to be passed on to you.

It is still possible for you to use the servises of an independant photographer off hotel property at a location(s) of your choice.